Practitioner Training Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Mind Coach?

A coach works with clients to get them from where they currently are to where they want to be. A mind coach teaches tools that utilise the way the mind forms habits to bring about the changes in behaviour and the way a person feels.

How is Mind Coach Academy different to other Coaching Training?

Mind Coach Academy focuses on supporting students to develop their own coaching and business skills so that they’re ready to set up their own coaching business. This is achieved by building their confidence and abilities with:

• Online Learning

• Practical learning days

• One to one coaching

What is the process if I’m interested in finding out more?

Contact Mind Coach Academy trainers to arrange a discovery session by either emailing or call Rebecca Cragnolini, 0204 254 252.

What happens in a Mind Coach Academy Discovery session?

A Mind Coach Academy discovery session is part of the application process and reflects a session that you would have with potential coaching clients. This covers what is currently happening for the potential client, what they are aiming for in life and their commitment level to bring this about.

A Mind Coach Academy discovery session has the added conversations to explore the reasons for your interest in the training program, checking if this feels like a good fit and an opportunity to answer any questions.

Do I need previous experience in health or education to apply?

Being in roles that require great interpersonal skills and having experienced coaching or talking therapies can be useful however it isn’t necessary. The most important elements are an openness to learning and developing personally, and a passion for passing on your knowledge and skills to empower others.

How many students will be doing the training?

Student numbers are limited to 10. This is so you receive the attention and support you require.

Where does the training take place?

The practical training occurs monthly in Christchurch. The venue is to be confirmed. Preparation training material is accessed online. The majority of one to one coaching will be in person unless arranged to be online.

How much time will the training take?

In Class = 105 hours

Out of Class = 300 hours

Out of class hours include preparation time reading and watching online course material, monthly assignments and putting techniques into practice.

What if I don’t want to receive the one to one coaching?

The one to one coaching is an integral part of the training. We want you to be at your best for yourself and your clients. It is a way of fast-tracking your learning and is therefore required to complete the training.

What qualification will I receive?

When you have successfully completed the training and assignments you will receive a Certificate in Mind Coach Academy Practitioner Level.

When can I start working with clients?

We encourage you to start working with people from day one. The level of complexity of who you can confidently and ethically work with will develop throughout the course. There is often a mix of voluntary and paid clients during training.

Am I guaranteed a job once I’ve completed the training?

You are equipped to set up your own coaching business. Mind Coach Academy was set up in response to the influx of referrals to Healthy Minds Ltd.

You are under no obligation however you may wish to receive referrals from Healthy Minds Ltd. This would require a separate discussion and agreement.

What are Mind Coach Academy’s values?

The Mind Coach Academy values very much guide the style of training program.

• Keeping it Simple

• Having a Laugh

• Keep on Learning

• Being Down to Earth

• Individual Strengths

• Connection – self, others, community