Train with us

We specialise in equipping you to be a confident, brilliant coach by having three parts to the training:

  • Comprehensive online training
  • In person practical days and your own
  • 1:1 coaching throughout the year

Mind Coach Practitioner Training takes a year to complete and is open for ten students only.

Online Comprehensive Training Resources

Online training allows you to learn at your own pace and at your own place, and includes:

  • 12 Modules with numerous training videos
  • Step by step instruction resources
  • Tasks to complete prior to the practical training day

These modules are released to you prior to the in person training day. This is so you are familiar with the theory and ready to put the learning into practice.

Practical In-Person Training Days

The best way to learn and gain confidence is by doing.

Each module has a monthly in-person training day component. Your access to the online training modules means you will be familiar with the theory and ready to 'hit the ground running' at the in-person training day.

All practical training days are based in Christchurch, NZ

Training days are one day a month with the exception of the first introduction weekend and shifting limiting beliefs modules which are three days each.

Mind Coach Academy believe the best learning takes place in a fun, safe environment where you can relax and give things a go!

One to One Coaching

The most valuable personalized coaching you'll ever get!

  • Fast-track your learning with 14 x one to one coaching sessions

  • Get a greater understanding by experiencing the techniques firsthand. This includes the process and the positive results.

  • Identify and shift your own roadblocks

  • Get the focus and accountability to set up your own successful business

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